Novice Knitting

Novice Knitting

After a year of drawing daily, I took January off from posting. I am very satisfied with accomplishing my goal last year.

It is time to downsize from a daily blog to a weekly one. It is also time to explore other crafts. So I will call the new series of posts “Weekly Which Crafts?”.

In December, I joined a beginner knitting class. I am hooked. Freestyling off of the basic patterns given on secondhand yarn from the thrift store bins. This week we begin tackling slippers.

4 thoughts on “Novice Knitting

  1. I can knit, but much prefer to crochet…no worries of a dripped stitch. lol I’ve learned—mostly self taught—many crafts over the years, and turn to them as a respite from writing on occasion. I think my favorite crafty thing is decorating plain clay flowerpots. I paint them a solid color, then draw or stencil designs on them. Each is unique, and most I give to family and friends.


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