Wooded Labyrinth

At 17, I started college as an art student. Six and a half years later I became a certified elementary/middle school teacher and have wandered around as an ‘educator’ for almost 30 years since. Drawing, as a practice, has come and gone due to this and that.

Through 2021, I plan to commit to a daily drawing practice. This blog is an accountability place. Two sources of motivation are a popular story about Kurt Vonnegut [shared in the first blog post] and the memory of a former illustration professor, Tom. Tom required five drawings everyday from students, I plan to post just one. Tom required drawings from direct observation. I make no such rule but suspect most will be. For me, drawing is first and foremost an exercise in making observations while suspending assumptions, opinions and judgements about the object.

This is NOT and exercise striving for perfection. On the contrary, it is an exercise in persistence amidst failure or mediocrity. I anticipate most drawings will fit one of those two categories. Even so, life requires that we get up and show up, flaws and all.

Although I have posted a few warm-ups while setting up the blog, my year commitment to drawing daily begins January 1, 2021.

Tree of Life
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