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Novice Knitting

After a year of drawing daily, I took January off from posting. I am very satisfied with accomplishing my goal last year. It is time to downsize from a daily blog to a weekly one. It is also time to explore other crafts. So I will call the new series of posts “Weekly Which Crafts?”.Continue reading “Novice Knitting”

12/31/21 Cedar

Happy New Year! Done. Didn’t miss a day this year. First draw was cedar. Final draw is cedar. Good medicine.

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The Naming of Wooded Labyrinth

The name, Wooded Labyrinth, emerged from a brainstormed list of words that seemed to represent. After several word combinations, woodedlabyrinth emerged as the first combination without competition as a domain name. So, I went with it.

First, I live in the woods. I don’t just mean, I reside. I mean, I LIVE in the woods.

Second, labyrinths are paths that twist and turn toward and away from a center place. They are not mazes, for there are no wrong turns or dead ends. However, they are journeys with many sharp and blind turns. They are walks of faith. Life is a labyrinth.

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